3 ways to make your food budget go further

Maximising your food budget doesn’t have to mean cutting back.  Change your spending habits for more budget-friendly behaviours with these quick and easy tips:

1. Swap spontaneous shopping for planning a menu in advance

Planning out your meals for the week helps create focus on what you really need to buy, as well as saves time – no more wandering aimlessly down the supermarket aisles!

Writing a list is a great guide as to what you actually need versus what catches your eye in the store, minimising wastage and maximising your savings. Remember to check your cupboards before you order, so you don’t duplicate buying something you already have.

2. Swap discarding food for being creative with leftovers

How often do you find yourself throwing away leftover food? If you’re stuck for what to make with random ingredients, try www.supercook.com or download the book 4 Ingredients from iTunes for $4.49 for a great recipe resource for all your potential leftovers.

Minimise your waste by being creative with food past its prime – Not so fresh bread and left over vegetables can turn into a great veggie bake, and overripe bananas are perfect for banana bread.

3. Swap your regular fruit and vegetables for whatever is in season

Fresh fruit and vegetables can vary hugely in price depending on the season. Those grapes might be a bargain now, but fast forward a few months when they’re not so readily available and the price could rocket. If you’re not sure what’s in season check out Australian Seasonal Food Guide here.

Pay attention to how much you’re paying each time you visit the supermarket; it’s easy to buy out of habit without noticing changes in price.


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