Taking a stand: a creative approach to social enterprise

How do you build a social enterprise from idea to reality? We spoke to Jamie Green, Dreamstarter participant and School for Social Entrepreneurs graduate, about his socially aware sleepwear label One Night stand, and his motivation for helping homeless people get ahead. 

Jamie, what inspired the idea for your social enterprise, One Night Stand?

After falling into a bit of a rough patch myself in 2010, I developed a strong passion for addressing the issue of youth homelessness.

I had an idea for social change and was able to make it a reality by obtaining some funding through the DreamStarter program to launch One Night Stand sleepwear.

On any given night in Australia, over 100,000 Australians sleep rough. Over 1/3 of these are teenagers and young adults. I believe we urgently need to work together to build a community where homelessness becomes a thing of the past – through prevention, early intervention and supporting young people in need.

What social benefit does One Night Stand sleepwear provide? 

With every sale, One Night Stand aims to get a young person sleeping rough on a path to a better future through providing funds towards nourishment and assisting with job readiness.

Sales of our sleepwear go towards providing meals to those who need it most through our charity partners, and employment to young people via our business. In future, we hope to extend this to provide additional support in the form of accommodation.

Why did you stand in a box for 24 hours? 

As our company did not have a large marketing budget we had to think outside the box (excuse the pun!) regarding how to draw attention to what we are doing.

I took the brand literally and stood in a box for 24 hours on 11 April 2014 in a bid to create awareness for the issue of youth homelessness and crowd-fund our first full range.

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