The moving montage

Remember the days where moving was a lot like an eighties montage, filled with bright colours, music and tonnes of shenanigans? Now, moving houses can be a lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve pulled together a cheat-guide to help you skip through the boring bits and get down to celebrating your new house as quickly as possible.

Leading up to the move.

Find shoulders to lean on

The burden of moving house is not one to carry solo. To get your friends into the moving spirit, you may need to incentivise them to get them to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s through setting an IOU or even supplying a few cheeky beverages (safety first, friends!) on the day it’ll be worth it. If all else fails, there are heaps of apps that will help get you organised. We’ve found some handy hidden gems that will help your move run smoothly.

MoveMatch: Simply enter your belongings and it calculates their volume and estimate how much the move will cost. The app also has a checklist and a ton of useful tips.

Moving Van: This great app allows you to record every box (and its content) that you pack. You can take photos of the contents of each box, so you know where everything is.

Moving House Checklist: Catering for all levels of organisation, the list allows you to start tracking 4-6 weeks out – allowing even the super organised packers to have peace of mind and won’t lose out on a good night’s sleep. You can customise your checklist, tick-off jobs as they’re complete and share it with your friends / family.

Establish rules for culling

If you find yourself emotionally attached to certain household objects and collectables to the point where you can’t put a price on them, that’s OK, you’re only human after all. That said, culling is a ruthless job and you may need to ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time you used it?
  • Is it something that can be replaced?
  • Will it go into storage or out in the open?
  • What would happen if you threw it out?

It’s a tough one to let go of, but in the end if you can’t put your finger on a proper reason why it’s in the ‘stay’ pile, then sadly you may have to bite the bullet and part ways.


Right, time to get packing.

Pack like a pro

Hire cardboard boxes: No need to sift through the recycling, these days you can hire cardboard boxes for your move. The beauty with hiring is you get money back when the box is returned. For those moving on a shoe-string, you can also pick up a pack of large bin bags from your local supermarket for cheap.

Pack an overnight bag: Let’s not overestimate how much unpacking you’ll be able to get through the day of the move. To avoid having to sift through dozens of boxes to find your toothbrush or pyjamas pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll need for the first 48 hours.

Pack plates vertically: Wrap your breakable plates in newspaper and then stack them vertically inside the box instead of on-top of each other. This will reduce the likeliness of arriving at your new place with a broken set.

Gladwrap your draws: Everyone knows the tip of concealing your clothes hanging in your wardrobe in garbage bags and leaving them hanging for the ride, but we’re going one better by suggesting that you don’t even unpack your drawers and just gladwrap all your clothes folded inside each draw individually – packing clothes has never been so easy.


The big day.

Moving day

If you’ve lived in apartments and have been stuck trying to get your mattresses in and out of lifts, or worse, up and down stairs; then the suggestion of a DIY house move may be enough to make you flinch. Removalists may cost a pretty penny, but they’ll certainly make sure you maintain all of that new home excitement by helping with the heavy load. It is also worth mentioning that removalists offer a packing service and can help with everything from packing, moving to unpacking your belongings.

Services are usually billed by the hour, meaning it can all add up! But starting prices are pretty reasonable starting at $45 per hour for a small truck and two removalists; which can be similar to the costs of hiring your own truck depending on the job and the distance you need to travel.

Have yourself an unpacking party

If you want to party while you unpack, here’s the way to do it:

  1. Start with unloading the TV first; this way you’ll be able to play video games, crank some tunes or binge watch a new TV series while you unpack
  2. The couch should be next on the list, as you’ll appreciate having it there when it comes time for your mid-afternoon nap or some much needed down-time
  3. Plug in the fridge and stock it with beverages. Unpacking isn’t half bad when it’s done with a cold drink in hand

On a more serious note, some of your furniture (like your bed), may fit through the door easier is you disassemble it first. If you’re stuck with a bunch of loose pieces trying to remember how to put it together, you can find out by jumping online or making one quick call. Most manufacturers will be able to send you the instructions. For everything else, there’s Google…

Stay on target

The easiest things to forget are often the most important. Remember to sort out your electricity, get your mail re-directed and get in touch with your banks and the RTA to have your address updated. Fortunately you can do everything online these days, with the RTA and Aus Post offering online options allowing you  to avoid waiting in lines. You can also easily change your address through ING Direct Online Banking.

Keen to start your own packing party? Get the down-low on your new suburb and download the Spring 2015 Buyers Guide or call one of our Home Loan specialists on 1800 100 258.


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