Holiday like a hero with your credit card

Ever considered the perks of using your credit card on your holiday? Credit can be a great travel partner in helping you get that bit closer to completing the always growing bucket list, but it’s important you’re using your card responsibly.

Before you get stuck into colourful cocktails on the beach and days full of sightseeing, here’s what you should consider to ensure your post-holiday high translates to your bank statement.

Set yourself spending rules

Before you hit the departure lounge, first think about your ideal budget and mentally set yourself a maximum spend for your credit card. Then, it’s a good idea to put in place rules to help you stick to that target amount. For example, you can set aside a certain amount of credit to pay for larger, more expensive items only, such as flights and hotels. Or for smaller items like shopping or food, our Orange One allows you to set daily spend limits, so you receive a notification when you hit them, alerting you.

Make your bankroll work for you

Whether you’re using a mixture of card and cash or even a full outlay on your card, be sure to use your credit card to its full advantage. Benefits that can come from your credit card include things such as sweet reward points or travel perks. With some platinum cards, including the Orange One Platinum, you can receive complimentary international travel insurance. Just be sure to check your insurance policy before you head off.

If you intend to use your card for big purchase items like flights and tours before your big trip, Orange One can let you pay these off over a set time at a lower rate using instalments if you like. This can mean locking in a great price on flights ahead of time, and creating some certainty around how it’s paid off. As always, it’s important to consider your budget and use your credit card responsibly when you book.

Keep your eyes open to fraud

When you’re abroad, keep your card and PIN secure at all times. If you’re using internet banking overseas, pay attention to the networks that you are connecting to and do your best to ensure the connection is safe. Finally, be sure to communicate with your bank and let them know you’re travelling. You can lodge your trip in the ING app and while you’re there, make sure there is information on how to best contact you when overseas if something should go wrong. It’s also a good idea to read up on some of the most common scams you might encounter on your trip, as they’re getting more inventive each year!

Be sure to check out the full ‘Cashback terms and conditions’ for the Orange One at


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