Impress with these Android Pay magic tricks

Living in a world of speed and efficiency, convenience is king. As our lives get busier, with more distractions and demands, mobile payments have responded to our desires for a seamless shopping experience. Witness convenience like never before and astonish your friends and family with these Android Pay magic tricks.

Cut your wallet in half (no saw needed)

These days, it’s hard to catch anyone out without their phones, so why not halve your daily carry on and use your phone for your everyday transactions too? As online shopping is increasingly occurring on our phones, more and more people are willing to pay with their smart device. Lose the stash of forgotten receipts and loyalty cards and keep only the essentials. Android Pay allows you to store digital copies of your loyalty, rewards, membership cards and special offers for thousands of merchants. Upgrades to Android Pay allow merchants to reward their loyal customers and send them notifications before and after they leave the store.

The Mobile Genie

Make wishes appear before your eyes with Android Pay’s latest promotion, ‘Tap.Pay.Win’. However, unlike your traditional genie, you won’t get just 3 wishes! For first time Android Pay users, you’ll get a special envelope sent to your phone each time you pay (up to a max of 10 per day) for the first 30 days. Open the envelope in the Android Pay app to see if you’ve won – but be sure to add and activate your card by 21 November 2017 and then pay with Android Pay within the next 30 days to be eligible. There are 200,000 prizes up for grabs. Prizes may be exhausted before the end of the promotional period. Open to Australian residents only. Applies to new Android Pay customers only. From cinema tickets to gift cards worth $500, there are plenty of wishes to go around! Click here for how to enter & full terms. Promoter: Google Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/15090; ACT Permit TP 17/01134; SA Permit T17/1084. 

Pick a card, any card!

The great thing about mobile payments is that you can store multiple cards, all in one place. With Android Pay, you can still enjoy the same rewards and protections you’re used to from your bank, and seamlessly rack up miles and points. Soon you will be able to use Android Pay within select applications such as Deliveroo, Domino’s, Hotel Tonight and many more, meaning you’ll never need to use your physical card again. This means even speedier checkout times in applications as you won’t need to type out all of your personal details every single time.

The Vanishing Act

Ever get to the checkout of your favourite online store then sigh at another large form you need to fill in? Make annoying credit card forms disappear with the simple act of opening your digital wallet. With Android Pay, you can reduce the hassle of online payment forms into thin air as your card details will already be there, ready for purchase. Android Pay uses tokenisation* technology when processing payments, which adds in an extra layer of security by replacing sensitive data with a randomly generated number called a token.

The Great Escape

The final act makes the biggest impact. With these tricks up our sleeves you are now ready to conquer the ‘ultimate escape’ from the life of wallet clutter, inconvenience and general fussing about! Increase efficiency and speed for when you’re constantly on the run and find yourself feeling footloose and free with seamless payments, every day.

Important information:

Android Pay is a registered trademark of Google Inc. The Android Pay Visa Debit Card Terms and Conditions for ING DIRECT customers are available for your consideration in the Android Pay app.


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